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„Janaka’s voice penetrates the heart of the listener, creating a sense of divine longing, spiritual awareness and joy that lift the soul to higher realms of peace and love.“

- Visionen Magazine

Janaka’s music stirs the soul with its rich devotion and harmony. His songs are permeated with a sweet fragrance of Divine yearning. Janaka’s songs are a wonderful mix of devotional ballads and traditional Indian chants. The music is very soothing, invoking peace and harmony into your heart and soul. The melodies are catchy and there’s a sweet blend of Indian instruments with light pop music that is very enjoyable. Even if you don't consider yourself a chanter, you will be singing these beautiful chants throughout the day!

Devotional singing – singing with divine yearning from the heart- is a method of drawing the consciousness inside into a heightened state of “Spiritual Awareness”. The intention is for listeners to sing along, audibly or mentally with the songs and to interiorize the consciousness through devotion. While the music is very soothing and entertaining, deeper spiritual realms are accessed and a very fine transmutation of energy takes place.

In his songs, Janaka is aiming to attune heart and soul to the Divine. This practice is at the heart of Indian musical tradition. In his songs he also uses Mantras and ancient Sanskrit names of deities like Radha or Gopala, that represent specific aspects of the Divine. By repeating these powerful mantras with Devotion - singing with a yearning for the Divine to respond - one invokes an increased sense of „ the Divine Presence“.

By mentally chanting during the day one can carry this devotional echo with him/her and remain attuned to the spiritual vibrations within. In India this form of spiritual practice is called “Japa Yoga”.

“ a song born out of the depth of true devotion, continuously chanted , audibly or mentally until response is consciously received from the Divine in the form of boundless joy, is a spiritualized song.

Such songs like life matches produce the fire of God Awareness whenever they are struck on the foundation stone of devotion”

- Paramahansa Yogananda

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