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Janaka - SHIVA RAM - Album Cover

Shiva Ram is a masterpiece of devotion, offering the listener divinely inspired songs and mantra chants that create a soothing, serene atmosphere for meditation and yoga practices.

Janaka’s voice penetrates the heart of the listener, creating a sense of divine longing, spiritual awareness and joy that lift the soul to higher realms of peace and love. Exquisite Indian female vocals garland Janaka’s fluid voice like a thousand devotional offerings floating down the Ganges.

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Janaka - JAI GANESHA - Album Cover

Jai Ganesha, offers nine upbeat, inspirational songs and mantra chants in a pop style designed for moments of joyous devotion during activity.

The music is deeply spiritual; Janaka’s magical voice accompanied by the brilliant performances of world-class musicians, will lift your heart with lilting ease, leaving a profound depth of adoration for all that is divine.

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Janaka - VASUDEVA SUNRISE - Album Cover

Let the rays of the early morning Vasudeva Sunrise be the spark that ignites the devotion of your heart. The lilting melodies of the seven profoundly moving songs dedicated to Krishna as Vasudeva, will draw you ever closer to the blazing glory that lies within.

Janaka has a gift for composing, singing and chanting directly to the Divine that will lift you up and carry you deeply within.

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Janaka - ORIENTAL CHRIST - Album Cover

Ancient records in the Himalayan monastery of Himis reveal strong evidence that the young Jesus visited India, Nepal and Tibet. Meet Jesus by the river Ganges and encounter the spiritual Christ, the Christ- Consciousness, present throughout creation, waiting to be awakened in the Hearts of all men.

Let Janaka take you on a journey that opens the gates of your heart to a heightened Spiritual Awareness!

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Janaka - JAI YOGANANDA - Album Cover

Light and vibrant like a mild summer day that carries the scent of India. A musical masterpiece of devotion, that takes the mind to higher spheres.

Travel with Janaka to Hiranyaloka, astral heaven of the saints and sages, merging your soul with cascades of pure joy!

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