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Janaka on Mallorca 2011


The music of Janaka is permeated with Devotion. His voice and singing uniquely express this quality of divine yearning from the heart! Listening to the music or joyfully singing along, one arrives at a place of worship in his/her own heart.

- Yoga Aktuell, Germany

Born in the Netherlands, Janaka began playing the guitar at age 12 and by 16, he was touring student clubs with his own band. A transforming moment came in his awakening as a musician when he performed George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” during a Christmas celebration concert. It was the first time people were stirred by Janaka’s sincere style of singing directly to the Divine.

Soon after, he became attracted to Indian philosophy and yoga by reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, the same book that inspired George Harrison in his spiritual quest. Looking into the eyes of the Master’s picture, he felt a sense of recognition, a deep connection, and his spiritual journey began.

Over the years, Janaka sang during numerous meditation and kirtan events and later started writing his own heartfelt songs of devotion and inspiration resulting in a series of five CD’s. Jai Yogananda (2005), Oriental Christ (2005),Vasudeva Sunrise(2011), Jai Ganesha (2012), and Shiva Ram(2012).

Today Janaka is a multi-facetted artist, working as a musician, singer, songwriter, producer and author. He is also a therapist, facilitator and teacher of metaphysics and spiritualy psychology. Janaka travels the world presenting his music and his own personal development seminars.

In the „Cinderella Experience“ Janaka teaches that the flow of natural synchronicity comes from being one hunderd per cent yourself, from embracing and expressing yourself „just as you are“. Self-acceptance and Self-love are the keys to finding „your own pair of glass slippers“.

By slipping into your own unique shoes and expressing who you really are, life takes on a whole new meaning and you will find yourself becoming more and more attuned to the „Divine Plan for your Life.“ For more information, see the psychology pages of this website.

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