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Jacques (Janaka) Penners M.A.

Spiritual Psychologist, Facilitator, Therapist, Author, Business Consultant, Musician, Singer Songwriter, Producer.


1986 - Bachelor in Marketing, Netherlands Institute for Marketing
2003 – Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica
2009 - Integral Systemic Constellations: Integralis Institute, Hamburg


Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica
Systemic Therapy and Constellations
Empathy/Humanistic Psychology “A Way of Being” - Carl Rogers
“Psychology of Vision”, relationship model by Chuck Spezzano
“Conscious Loving” – the relationships work of Gay and Kathleen Hendricks
Integral Psychology of Ken Wilber – Holon Theory
Psycho Genealogy – Anne Schutzenberger
Psycho-synthesis, Roberto Assigioli
Gestalt Therapy- Fritz Perls
Provocative Therapy
Metaphysics by Florence Scovel Shinn - “The Game of Life”
“The Work” - by Byron Katie
“Non-Violent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg
Spiritual Teachings of India, especially Paramahansa Yogananda
Meta-Medicine by Claudia Rainville: every symptom carries a message.


Over 10 years of experience assisting in personal development seminars like Insight Seminars / Source Seminars / Essence training / Non Violent Communication

Worked as a creative therapist, systemic therapist and group therapist in the famous holistic and spiritually oriented Heiligenfeld Clinic, Bad Kissingen Germany.

Worked for several years in his own practice as a systemic therapist, near Hamburg, Germany.

Recently developed an original approach and currently leading these personal development seminars all over Europe.

Janaka's Psychology Site
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