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Janaka - Seminar - The Power of Being Yourself

Living the Cinderella Experience

when you step into the Power of who you truly ARE, when you find your very own and unique “glass shoes”, you will experience a natural sense of flow and magic in our lives, beyond your wildest dreams. I call it: “The Cinderella Experience”

Every soul is unique and everybody carries a lump of gold inside him/herself that is waiting to be discovered. The only way to experience this "gold" is by becoming who you really are: embracing yourself JUST AS YOU ARE and by letting go of "who you are not": the learned behaviors, protection, false concepts of self, old family beliefs, wearing masks and the fear of "not being enough".

It is by true Self Expression, being authentic, that the gold is uncovered and the magic starts! Shakespeare knew this and refers to it in his famous Hamlet quote: “To thy own Self be true…” .

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Janaka - Seminar - The Secret Dynamics of Happy Relationships

The Secret Dynamics of Happy Relationships

The power of being yourself
The power of intention – where you look is where you will go
The Power of Completion- letting go of past relationships
Heal your parental images - heal your relationships
You want to be Happy or you want to be Right?
Choice and commitment
The power of love – like attracts like
The law of attraction – the power of magnetism
Acceptance – the power of non-resistance
The Power of Forgiveness
No judgments - no expectations
Let be – let free
The power of empathy
The relationship with yourself
Systemic Family Constellations

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Janaka - Seminar - The Healing Power of Family Constellations

The Healing Power of Family Constellations

"Family Constellations" are a powerful method to harmonize and heal tensions in family and relationships and make peace with the past, including the traumas from our parents’ and previous generations! These constellations work energetically and have potential for very deep healing.

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