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Janaka was the son of the great King of ancient India. Like His father he had extraordinary talents. He was a gifted poet and a musician and he had a beautiful voice. He loved to sing to God and when he did, it was so beautiful that he enchanted both men and the animal kingdom. Grown ups and children, birds and fish, all would listen electrified and magnetized by Janaka’s Divine Art of chanting to the Beloved.

Everybody loved Janaka, because of His purity and His tender and Loving Heart. He was also a very bright student and highly successful in all his undertakings. As the son of the King he managed his father’s business and he handled it so well, that he brought great prosperity to his family, to the kingdom and the people of his land.

One day his father said to him:“ My son, I am going to send you on a journey to a faraway land. I send you there to learn some powerful lessons to finalize your training on this earth plane. Through these lessons you will qualify for the great Astral and Causal kingdoms. These are your true home and you have come on this earth plane purely to learn important lessons which can be learned only in the relativity of the 3- dimensional world of opposites. The lesson you are supposed to learn is that you are immortal and that neither fire can burn, nor bullets can shatter your immortal existence. You are the Soul, an eternal ray of Divine Consciousness.

In the Night of Brahma you will fall asleep and you will sleep for a very long time. When you awaken, you will be in a faraway land, where you are reborn in a simple and modest family. They will not know of your Divine origin, nor will you remember it consciously. You will go through many challenges , which are meant to further purify your soul to reach higher levels of consciousness, until you become one again with Divinity! You will go through a spiritual school and I will be your guide then, even though you will not remember me from this life. But you will recognize my eyes when you first see them as Yogananda. You will make great progress in this life and all your struggles and strife will ultimately be consumed by the flames of Divine Love and Spiritual Ascension”.

The story of Janaka inspired the artist to choose Janaka as his artist name.

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